Meet Our Pastor

Jean Wilbens Coffy

I was born in Haiti , from a conservative Catholic family , and became a Seventh-Day-Adventist at a early age. My parents did not agree with my decision, I was put out on the street and disowned. Later on I met Mrs Millien a SDA and a family member who embraced me. With her support, I found my way to the Seventh- Day – Adventist School in Diquini (Port-AU-Prince) . The Lord has led me all the way through graduation, I made a pact with Him that as long as He continue to hold me through , I will serve Him in the ministry of saving souls. He has led me with a mighty hand to West Indies College , to Andrews University Theological Seminary; and I know , He will do it for you as well.

I am married to Verona Maxine Walker Coffy, an RN from London England , she loves the Lord and eager to serve. My joy is to be surrounded by church members who love the love the lord and fully committed to the preaching of the great commission: Go, ye therefore, make disciples to all nations …… I am with you always, yes to the end of time. I believe we are in the final hours of the earth history, The lord is coming very soon, one must live each day as though it were their final hour on earth.