There is no secret what God can do

Eleven years ago I received a shocking phone call from one of my best friends. It was a tearful call from my friend EB. She was sobbing so hard that I could hardly hear the words she had to share. However, at one point she says, “Well, I just came back from my annual checkup, and the doctor said.” She began to weep which was accompanied by deep groaning. I began to realize that something wrong and painful is happening. I told her “EB, what is it? Just tell me.” She struggles and finally says” the doctor found a lump in my breast that is stage v.” She was only 34 years old. There was a long moment of silence and then we prayed asking the Lord for his guidance. She had a mastectomy and was on a journey of recovery. However, while still on chemotherapy medications I received another tearful call stating “Max, I am pregnant, and I don’t know what to do.” Everyone including her doctor and her mother told her to have an abortion because the child will have significant birth defects. She asked me for guidance in this matter, and I told her your heavenly father had given you a gift “keep the baby.” We prayed again. Her baby was born PERFECT. God is still in the business of doing the impossible when we pray. There is no secret what God can do.
Sister M.C., Phoenix, AZ